My job is great but, it needs some security

I work at a nursing home here in Prattville,  AL.  A city right beside the state capital, Montgomery. The senior citizens I help take care of either got dumped there by their uncaring relatives or need to be there due to needing 24 hour a day assistants. It’s wonderful working there. The seniors that are in my care 5 days a week are so good to me and I try to be better to them. One lady there, Mrs. Patterson is 97 years old and if you had ever had the honor of speaking with her, you would wonder why she was even there in the first place. Her mind seems to not have gone yet. She knows what she is doing and how she is suppose to do it and her memory is ridiculous. She can remember anything and she tells the most amazing stories of her past. And she is the most caring woman in the place. She even helps out her fellow seniors do things and they are all much younger than her.

Well, now that I told you a little about the place let me tell you why it needs better security or better yet, an actual security system. Last week, the staff had the pleasure of taking the seniors on there monthly outing. They had decided, that instead of going to the casino (yes, old people like to gamble too), they wanted to go to see a play at the Shakespeare Festival in Montgomery. So, we loaded them up and headed for the 30 minute drive to the theatre. It was a great day. We all laughed and cried, and laughed so hard we cried. The play was amazing and after the play, we took them to eat.

About 20 minutes into eating, the head nurse got a phone call and looked very concerned. She got off the phone and whispered to another staff member and then they announced that we must get our food to go and needed to get back on the bus and she needed to tell the seniors something. We got on the bus and everyone was whispering to each other wondering what the big announcement was. The head nurse , Kim, stood up and told them she had horrible news, someone had broken into the senior center and some of the rooms had been stolen from. Of course, everyone asked who’s room and what did they take but, she didn’t know either.

We finally got back to the senior center and got off the bus. Everyone rushed to get into the door to check there rooms. Kim spoke with the police. As she was speaking to the officer, the seniors came from there rooms, got into a group and was discussing that this would not have happened if we had had a security system in here. And I agreed. We spoke to Kim, and she called her boss to let him know what had happened and what the seniors had asked for and within a couple days, the senior citizens had there security system installed. And from that day on, when we went out on trips, no one was worried.