3 Simple Ways to Improve Home Security

alarm systemsFor almost every family, there is nothing more important than safety. Finding ways to protect a home filled with loved ones is no easy task. There are, however, several easy changes anyone can make to their home in order to avoid any unwanted surprises. Here is a list of three uncomplicated ways to improve the security of a home and create peace of mind for all those who live there.

Install a Home Security System

Though it may seem obvious, getting a security system installed is perhaps the best way to increase the safety of a home. Studies show that homes without any type of security system are three times more likely to get broken into than those with one. Generally speaking, intruders choose homes that they can easily access without being seen or heard. Security systems prove to be an obstacle that many criminals do not want to deal with.

Maintain Upkeep of the House When Away

No matter if a family is on vacation or in the process of moving, time spent away from a home makes it more attractive to intruders. Uncut lawns and the absence of cars in the driveway are glaring opportunities for burglars. Make sure to hire someone to keep the grass neat and check in on the house from time to time. With the possibility of someone dropping by at any time, there is less of a chance that a home will be broken into.

Remove and Potential Hiding Spots

While bushes, shrubs and trees make a yard beautiful, it is important to make sure they are not providing hiding places for potential intruders. Large shrubs or bushes next to windows make it possible for someone to get inside of a home without being seen by neighbors. Trees with branches that can be climbed in order to gain entry into a home can also pose a risk. Make sure bushes are trimmed and trees do not have any sturdy branches that can be used to access a window. With no easy way to get into a home, burglars are more likely to look elsewhere.

By following these easy steps to home security, the risk of a break in will be decreased dramatically. With no easy way into a house, and a higher chance of getting caught, criminals will believe the house is not worth the trouble. In fact, the more people in a single neighborhood that take home security seriously, the chance of break ins are reduced for everyone in the area. Neighborhoods with a good watch program and safety minded people can stick together to make sure every family and their homes remain protected and secure.

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